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Package design ideas and order

2019-07-08 17:33:02

   The design idea refers to a clear direction and goal, that is, when you receive a package design order, you know what to do first and then what to do. To be clear in your heart what you should do, you will not finally be able to start. The design of the package is different from other designs, and the packaging is a three-dimensional product that involves structural aspects. So before designing, you need to know the approximate size of the box and the box structure, so that you can have an intuitive understanding.

The second is to design the content on the structure of intuitive understanding. Here we will talk about graphic design. A product in any company has its own unique meaning, so the first thing to do when designing a box is to show it. That is to say, design a flat file first, and express the inner meaning of the product through design. This is the most important step for design, so you need to understand the company and the product before designing. Once you know enough, you can do the graphic design. After designing the flat file, you need to do the rendering. That is, the flat file is placed on the conceived three-dimensional structure to suggest whether the design matches the box. The best way is to proof out and see if it meets the expectations of the design.

  Finally, the material of the inner support is selected in combination with the characteristics of the product, and a reasonable inner style is designed.